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Revel in the Bublé-Allred collaboration on “Help Me Make It Through The Night.”

Michael Bublé, celebrated for his velvety tunes and a holiday album that dominates the charts, has teamed up with an impressive lineup of stars over his distinguished career, including the likes of Barbra Streisand, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Hudson. His collaborations have consistently been a delight for those who cherish music.

Yet, when it came time to breathe life into the deeply moving country song “Help Me Make It Through The Night,” Bublé was on the lookout for the perfect co-vocalist. His search concluded upon witnessing Loren Allred’s remarkable performance in “The Greatest Showman.” Enthralled by her vocal excellence, Bublé was certain that Allred was the missing piece for this track. Their captivating duet is available for viewing here:

Bublé couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for this joint venture, sharing that he had always imagined this track as a duet, narrating a touching story of mutual longing for connection. Discovering Allred felt like destiny, as he hurried to identify the mesmerizing voice from the film, eventually tracing her on YouTube.

Their interpretation of “Help Me Make It Through The Night” is truly awe-inspiring. Allred’s divine vocals merge flawlessly with Bublé’s, resulting in a duet that is both touching and beautifully in sync, highlighting their remarkable musical chemistry. The pairing of Allred’s exceptional vocal talent with Bublé’s brings an enriched soulfulness and elegance to this beloved song.

For those who admire Bublé and wish to delve into his life beyond music, his Instagram account is a window into his world.

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