Donny Osmond’s Genius Shines in “The Twelfth of Never”

“The Twelfth of Never” is a popular ballad performed by American singer Donny Osmond. The song was originally written by Jerry Livingston and Paul Francis Webster and was recorded by Johnny Mathis in 1957. Donny Osmond’s version of the song was released in 1973 as a single from his album “A Time for Us.”

In “The Twelfth of Never,” the lyrics express deep and enduring love. The narrator compares his love for someone to a date that will never come, emphasizing the eternal nature of his feelings.

The song’s romantic and heartfelt lyrics, combined with Osmond’s smooth and tender vocals, create a sweet and emotional atmosphere.

Donny Osmond’s rendition of “The Twelfth of Never” became one of his signature songs. His version received positive reviews and became a commercial success, reaching high positions on the music charts. The song’s timeless appeal and Osmond’s soulful performance have made it a classic in the ballad genre, cherished by fans and appreciated for its romantic sentiment.

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