“Diving Deep into Diana Ross and The Supremes’ ‘Reflections'”

“Reflections” is a song by Diana Ross & the Supremes. Released in 1967, the song was written by Holland–Dozier–Holland, the famed songwriting and production team at Motown Records.

“Reflections” is notable for its unique production, featuring a distinctive backward tape loop effect, which was innovative for its time. The song’s lyrics reflect introspection and self-discovery, capturing a sense of longing and contemplation. Diana Ross’ soulful vocals and the Supremes’ harmonies add depth to the song’s emotional resonance.

Upon its release, “Reflections” reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming one of Diana Ross & the Supremes’ hit singles.

The song’s experimental production and the group’s emotive performance have made it a classic in the Motown catalog, showcasing the innovative musical techniques of the era.

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