Dave Loggins’s unforgettable live performance of “Please Come to Boston”

“Please Come to Boston” is a folk rock song written and performed by American singer-songwriter Dave Loggins. The song was released in 1974 as the lead single from his album “Apprentice (In a Musical Workshop).”

“Please Come to Boston” is characterized by its acoustic guitar-driven melody and Loggins’ heartfelt vocals. The lyrics tell the story of a man who travels to different cities, hoping to find someone to settle down with and share his life. He invites his love interest to join him in Boston, emphasizing his desire for a stable relationship.

The song received positive reviews and became one of Dave Loggins’ most popular hits. Although it didn’t reach the top of the charts, it became a favorite among fans of folk and soft rock music. Its sincere lyrics and gentle melody contributed to its enduring appeal.

“Please Come to Boston” has been covered by various artists over the years and remains a classic in the singer-songwriter genre. Its timeless message of love and longing continues to resonate with listeners, making it a cherished track in the realm of folk rock music.

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