Perry Como’s “It’s Impossible”: Making the Impossible Happen

“It’s Impossible” is a popular ballad originally recorded by Mexican singer Perry Como in 1970. The song was written by Sid Wayne and Armando Manzanero (the latter being a renowned Mexican composer and singer). In English, the song is often associated with Perry Como’s rendition.

“It’s Impossible” conveys a poignant message of love and heartbreak. The lyrics express the difficulty of moving on after a romantic relationship has ended. The narrator reflects on the impossibility of forgetting their former lover, emphasizing the enduring love and emotional impact the relationship had on them.

Perry Como’s smooth and warm vocal delivery, combined with the song’s touching lyrics and melodic arrangement, created a heartfelt and emotional atmosphere. The song’s beautiful melody and Como’s sincere performance resonated with audiences, making it one of his signature songs.

“It’s Impossible” became a significant hit for Perry Como, reaching high positions on the music charts. Its timeless appeal and emotional depth have made it a classic love ballad, celebrated for its enduring popularity and Como’s heartfelt rendition.

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