Lou Christie’s Epic Hit “Lightnin’ Strikes”

“Lightnin’ Strikes” is a pop song recorded by American singer Lou Christie. Written by Lou Christie and Twyla Herbert, the song was released in 1965 and became one of Christie’s biggest hits.

“Lightnin’ Strikes” is known for its dramatic and intense vocals, catchy melody, and the unique falsetto delivery in the chorus. The lyrics tell the story of a man warning his romantic partner about his impulsive nature and unpredictability, comparing his actions to lightning striking without warning. The song’s powerful vocals, combined with its memorable tune, created a captivating listening experience.

Upon its release, “Lightnin’ Strikes” climbed the charts and reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. Its success established Lou Christie as a prominent figure in the 1960s pop music scene. The song’s soaring falsetto and catchy chorus made it a standout track of the era.

“Lightnin’ Strikes” has endured as a classic of 1960s pop music, celebrated for its catchy melody, Christie’s expressive vocals, and the song’s ability to capture the intensity of romantic emotions. It continues to be appreciated by fans of the era and remains a beloved piece of pop music history.

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