Larry Groce puts a funny spin on “Junk Food Junkie”

“Junk Food Junkie” is a novelty song by American singer-songwriter Larry Groce. It was released in 1976 and became Groce’s most well-known and successful recording. The song was written by Larry Groce and was a humorous commentary on the cultural phenomenon of consuming junk food.

In “Junk Food Junkie,” the lyrics tell the story of a person who appears to live a healthy lifestyle during the day but indulges in various junk foods at night when nobody is watching. The narrator describes sneaking out to enjoy sugary snacks, salty chips, and other unhealthy treats despite their public persona of being health-conscious. The song humorously highlights the contradictions in people’s eating habits and portrays the character as a secret “junk food junkie.”

Musically, the song features a folk-inspired melody and Groce’s laid-back and humorous vocal delivery. The witty lyrics and catchy tune contributed to the song’s popularity, especially during the 1970s when the topic of healthy living and nutrition gained significant attention.

“Junk Food Junkie” became a hit for Larry Groce, reaching high positions on the music charts. Its playful and satirical take on the love for unhealthy snacks made it a favorite among listeners and contributed to its enduring popularity as a novelty song.

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