Cream’s “Badge”: A Masterpiece of Artistry

“Badge” is a song by the British rock supergroup Cream. It was written by Eric Clapton and George Harrison and was released on Cream’s final studio album, “Goodbye,” in 1969. The song features Eric Clapton on vocals and guitar, Jack Bruce on bass, and Ginger Baker on drums.

The story behind the song’s title is quite interesting. During the recording sessions for the track, Eric Clapton had written the bridge but was struggling to come up with lyrics for the rest of the song. George Harrison, who happened to be in the studio, playfully suggested the word “bridge” should be “badge.” Clapton liked the sound of it and used it in the song, creating the title “Badge.”

“Badge” is characterized by its bluesy guitar riff and soulful vocals. The song has a laid-back groove and features a melodic bridge section, making it one of Cream’s more musically intricate tracks. Clapton’s guitar work, as always, is a highlight of the song, showcasing his expressive and emotive playing style.

Over the years, “Badge” has become a fan favorite and is often cited as one of Cream’s best songs. Its combination of Clapton’s soulful singing and guitar playing, along with the band’s tight instrumentation, makes it a standout track in the classic rock genre.

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