Left Banke’s “Pretty Ballerina” Showcases Musical Sophistication

“Pretty Ballerina” is a song by American baroque pop band The Left Banke. Released in 1966, the song was written by the band’s keyboardist and songwriter Michael Brown.

“Pretty Ballerina” is known for its lush orchestration, melodious arrangement, and poetic lyrics. The song paints a picture of unrequited love and longing, with the narrator expressing admiration for a beautiful ballerina who doesn’t notice him. The music is characterized by its intricate composition, featuring harpsichord, strings, and intricate vocal harmonies.

Upon its release, “Pretty Ballerina” received critical acclaim for its innovative musical style and sophisticated arrangements. While it didn’t achieve significant commercial success on the charts, the song gained a cult following and became influential in the baroque pop and psychedelic pop genres.

“Pretty Ballerina” remains a classic example of the baroque pop sound of the 1960s, admired for its graceful melodies and poetic lyrics, and it continues to be appreciated by fans of intricate and sophisticated pop music.

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