Anne Murray’s Heart-Wrenching Ballad “Broken Hearted Me”

“Broken Hearted Me” is a soft rock ballad by Canadian singer Anne Murray. It was released in 1979 as the lead single from her album “I’ll Always Love You.” The song was written by Randy Goodrum.

In “Broken Hearted Me,” the lyrics reflect on the pain of unrequited love and the feelings of heartbreak and longing. The narrator expresses the sadness and emptiness that comes with a broken heart, emphasizing the depth of the emotional pain.

Musically, the song features a gentle melody, with Anne Murray’s emotive vocals at the forefront. The song’s melancholic atmosphere and Murray’s heartfelt delivery create a poignant listening experience. The track is characterized by its smooth production, showcasing Murray’s ability to convey deep emotions through her singing.

“Broken Hearted Me” became a significant hit for Anne Murray, reaching high positions on the music charts. Its relatable lyrics and Murray’s soul-stirring performance resonated with listeners, making it one of her memorable songs. The song remains a classic in the soft rock and adult contemporary genres, celebrated for its emotional depth and Murray’s powerful vocals.

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