Jigsaw’s Impressive Performance Reaches New Heights in “Sky High”

“Sky High” is a song by the British-Australian band Jigsaw. It was released in 1975 on their album “Sky High.” The song was written by Clive Scott and Des Dyer, members of the band.

The lyrics of “Sky High” express a feeling of elation and excitement, comparing the narrator’s emotions to soaring high in the sky. The song captures the sense of joy and freedom associated with achieving great heights and experiencing life’s pleasures.

Musically, “Sky High” features a catchy melody, upbeat rhythm, and the band’s harmonious vocals. The song’s infectious energy and positive vibe contributed to its popularity.

“Sky High” became one of Jigsaw’s most successful songs, reaching high positions on the charts in several countries. Its catchy tune and feel-good lyrics made it a favorite among listeners, and it continues to be remembered as a classic pop-rock hit from the 1970s.

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