Timeless Harmony in The Supremes’ ‘Stoned Love’

“Stoned Love” is a soulful and socially conscious song recorded by the legendary Motown group The Supremes. Released in 1970, the song was written by Kenny Thomas, Jerry Taylor, and Yennik Samoht (which is the pseudonym of producer and songwriter Lenard Caston). “Stoned Love” features a blend of soul, pop, and gospel influences and is characterized by its powerful vocals and emotive lyrics.

The song’s lyrics reflect the sentiment of the era, addressing themes of unity, love, and social harmony. “Stoned Love” calls for peace and understanding, capturing the spirit of the 1970s counterculture movement. The word “stoned” in the title doesn’t refer to drug use but rather signifies a state of emotional bliss and love.

The Supremes’ performance in “Stoned Love” is characterized by their harmonious vocals and passionate delivery. Diana Ross, Jean Terrell, and Mary Wilson, the members of The Supremes during this period, showcased their vocal prowess, creating a captivating and soul-stirring listening experience.

“Stoned Love” became a significant hit for The Supremes, reaching No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its timeless message of love and unity, combined with the group’s exceptional performance, has made it one of their most enduring and beloved songs. Over the years, “Stoned Love” has continued to be celebrated as a classic in the Motown and soul music repertoire, reminding listeners of the power of love and togetherness.

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