Les Crane’s Recitation of “Desiderata”

“Desiderata” is a spoken-word recording based on a prose poem written by American writer Max Ehrmann. It was originally written in 1927 but gained significant popularity in the 1960s. Les Crane, an American radio and television talk show host, recorded the most famous version of “Desiderata” in 1971, and it became a hit single.

The word “desiderata” is Latin for “things desired” or “desired things.” The poem offers a set of life advice and philosophies for personal happiness and well-being. It encourages the reader (or listener, in the case of the recording) to seek inner peace, avoid loud and aggressive persons, and maintain a healthy level of self-respect and self-acceptance.

Les Crane’s recording of “Desiderata” added a soothing voice and musical accompaniment to the text. His version captured the attention of the public and became widely popular during the 1970s. It resonated with many people seeking solace and guidance in a turbulent era.

The poem’s themes of inner peace and acceptance continue to resonate with individuals looking for inspiration and guidance in their lives. “Desiderata” remains a timeless and cherished work, celebrated for its uplifting and contemplative message.

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